What makes LearnENT Awesome?

LearnENT is a universal app. Its like getting two apps for the price of one free.

Portable and convenient, LearnENT is always there when you're ready to learn.

LearnENT targets multiple learning styles through the use of traditional written sections, instructional videos, interactive cases, quizzes and more.

Did we mention it is FREE? Because medical school already costs enough.

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More Features

Not Just A Pretty Face

LearnENT sports a beautiful, custom user interface that will be instantly familiar to any current iOS user. To maximize user-friendliness, beautiful interactive tutorials will appear whenever unique interface elements are present.

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Full Featured Word Processor

The process of note taking has been shown repeatedly in the literature to increase the effectiveness and transfer of learning, resulting in better academic achievement. LearnENT's "My Notes" section allows learners to take notes, format them, then save, e-mail or print them for later reference.

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Lightning-Fast Search

LearnENT features a proprietary search engine that makes searching across your content as simple as pie. Search results are returned instantly, even on older devices.

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Expand Your Vocabulary

Stumped on a word? Access the built-in dictionary easily from any section in the app to define the word instantly.

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Optimized to the Max

LearnENT is optimized for a wide array of iOS devices and screen sizes including support for retina displays, iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini.

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